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This week we have a special guest artist involved in our Fez of the Week offering: Ryan Hungerford! We first met Ryan at the Emerald City Comic Con way back in February and it took us awhile to touch bases but luckily his skull design is perfect for this time of year. You can see more of Ryan’s fantastic art at and on his blog at Don’t forget to follow Ryan on twitter   Fez of the Week #110 features Ryan’s skull design rendered in classic black and white fashion on a low profile black velvet fez....

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Two Great Shows, One Crazy Weekend The last weekend of September finds us double booked as we were faced with two unique shows in two different states that we just couldn’t say no to. So we’re splitting our forces and doing them both! H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Sept 27-29 In Southern California, the Red Squadron will be returning for another assault on the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro for the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival, September 27-29. They will be vending in the 2nd floor lobby on Friday and Saturday. On display will be all of our Lovecraftian...

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Each February people far more interesting than I gather in Florida and board a cruise ship to the Caribbean for seven days of food, drink, gaming, comedy and music; all hosted by the phenomenal Jonathan Coulton and his cadre of entertainment cut-throats. Sadly I will not get to join the JoCo Cruise Crazy once again but that doesn't mean I can’t live vicariously through those that do! See, the revelers on this crew have taken to calling themselves Sea Monkeys and since I have a few friends that will be counted among them that have requested a fez to mark the occasion,...

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The Red Calavera or Calavera Roja -or Capt. America’s arch-nemesis on a South of the Border bender- is a special variation on our sugar skull design. I had originally planned to post this one closer to the end of the month and Dia de los Muertos, but realized that the end of October tends to get out of hand around here. So I figured it would be best to kick off the new phase of our Fez of the Week project with this festive fez. Our popular Calavera design is rendered in a vibrant red on our classic black low-profile...

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Our obsession with skulls goes multi-cultural! Last year's experimental Sugar Skull fez design returns in a new white on black production run! Our Dia De Los Muertos themed design is back by popular demand. The Calavera Fez features our inverted South of the Border Sugar Skull design on a classy Low Profile black velvet fez. It's the perfect fez for ancestral worship, celebrating those that came before us or have moved on ahead of their time... or while drinking taquila, not that those are mutually exclusive activities... not by a long shot. The Sugar Skull design was first created for...

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