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I wanted to do something a bit special for the big “five oh” fez and I’m happy to report that is exactly what we have here. I am thrilled to present the Mignola Fez, a design done with the specific purpose of capping the pate of Mike Mignola, the genius that created Hellboy, BPRD and my personal favorite: The Amazing Screw On Head. Do yourself a favor and watch the animated pilot below. As you might have noticed in my previous designs, I have an affinity towards skull. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed drawing skulls, both cartoonish...

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On this very special Valentines Day we have something for those that could give a damn about Valentines Day. A bonus Black Friday Skull and Bones!   You see, every once in a while we go without sleep and manage to screw something up. Often this works out to your benefit. This is one of those cases. Turns out when all was said and done we had a single Large Low Profile black on black Skull & Bones hanging around for some undisclosed reason. It even has black vents on the top! Now rest assured the party responsible for this...

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The Fezmonger gave to me Six Monkey Skulls Five Soviet Deluxe! Four Blue Atomics Three Voodoo Zombies Two Grouchy Gorillas and A fez with a Lono Tiki It’s a 20% off Fezmas Miracle sale!

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The 2nd of two designs I created for Mondo Lounge III at Palms Hotel in Vegas this weekend. Amodern minimalist take on the classic Jolly Roger, the Mondo Skull Fez features a dynamic 3 color design that utilizes thread angles to create the illusion of more shades. By using opposing angles the thread reflects light differently depending on direction of the light.  My goal was to create a classy fez one might find on a member of a nefarious organization as he mixes business and pleasure in some exotic nightclub. This Low Profile fez is done in our classic black...

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As part of the 2010 Spring Cleaning initiative - a desperate attempt at cleaning and organizing our shelves - we have decided to reach back into the Fez-o-rama archives and revisit a few of the designs that got us started. The Skull & Bones was one of the earliest fezzes we offered and the graphic is even older. I used this logo long before I made my first fez and was one of the designs I had planned when the idea of Fez-o-rama first percolated into existence. Well we've revisited this design one more time and we're using it to...

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