#95 The Red Calavera Fez

Red-CalaveraThe Red Calavera or Calavera Roja -or Capt. America’s arch-nemesis on a South of the Border bender- is a special variation on our sugar skull design. I had originally planned to post this one closer to the end of the month and Dia de los Muertos, but realized that the end of October tends to get out of hand around here. So I figured it would be best to kick off the new phase of our Fez of the Week project with this festive fez. Our popular Calavera design is rendered in a vibrant red on our classic black low-profile fez. This design will be available for one week only. We will start production this Friday and orders will begin shipping on Monday the 15th. Don’t miss out on your chance to get this rare variation. This edition is now closed.
The Fez of the Week Project

As mentioned in our latest newsletter I have decided to mix things up a bit as I return to my Fez of the Week Project.

Over the next few months I will be releasing new fez designs every week or two but unlike the one-off designs in the past these will be made available for pre-order for a very limited time. These designs might be new experiments, variations on current designs or even special limited editions.

Basically the new design will be posted at the beginning of the week and the clock will start ticking. At the end of the week the orders will be collected and production will begin with the first of them getting shipped the following Monday. Once the window closes on the orders we will move on to a new design so don’t wait too long.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter or join the Fez-o-rama pages on Facebook or Google+ if you want to get an insight into what might be coming down the road. If you expect that you might be interested in more than one Fez of the Week style and want to save some money on shipping we could hold your fez for a bit. Just be sure to contact us.

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