#88 The Calavera Fez

Our obsession with skulls goes multi-cultural!
calavera Last year's experimental Sugar Skull fez design returns in a new white on black production run! Our Dia De Los Muertos themed design is back by popular demand. The Calavera Fez features our inverted South of the Border Sugar Skull design on a classy Low Profile black velvet fez. It's the perfect fez for ancestral worship, celebrating those that came before us or have moved on ahead of their time... or while drinking taquila, not that those are mutually exclusive activities... not by a long shot. The Sugar Skull design was first created for last year’s Tiki Oasis theme, South of the Border and we even did a very limited edition of 13 fezzes featuring multi-color UV reactive threads in an inverted design. Well we’ve brought back the inverted style, this time in a much more stable white thread. We have put these right into production and will be bringing a bunch of them to Phoenix Comicon this month but you don’t need to wait until the 24th, they are ready to go right now! Head on over to our Current Fezzes section to order your very own Calavera Fez!
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