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We just got back from Seattle and the Emerald City Comic Con and we are long past due for a newsletter so this one is going to be big. First off let’s recap some of our recent developments: Our Latest Fezzes! The D12 Fez WC Edition March brought our latest Gamer’s Fez and this one is a Special Limited Edition! Only 20 limited edition fezzes were made and each one comes with a numbered edition pin. Since these are spread out over 7 different sizes they are bound to go quickly. Some sizes are already gone.   The Skull &...

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Wait, did he say leases? What is the trade-in policy on tassels? Is your tassel running wild? Does your tassel interrupt intimate conversations by swinging around in your face? Have you ever gotten a tassel caught in your eye? …are you growing uncomfortable with this series of questions and my repeated use of the word tassel? Then have we got something for you! It’s time to put that tassel on a chain! Sure you could spend your free time in tassel obedience classes, but who want to deal with that? You need to get yourself a Tassel Leash! Our new...

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Way back in December we introduced version 4 of our classic Skull & Bones design. In an effort to bring a little color to our shelves we released the Ruby Red version first but that doesn’t mean we weren't thinking of our chromatically challenged friends out there. After a bit of delay we are thrilled to present version 4 of our Skull & Bones on Black! This is sort of fez that becomes a staple in a well rounded wardrobe. It is just the thing to wear to a hack-a-thon, drinking contest or casino night in international waters. This low...

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I just can’t get away from this design! Our classic Skull & Bones returns as yet another variant, this time on Ruby Red velvet! This design was actually part of the original concept sketches I did 20 years ago when we first came up with the idea of Fez-o-rama. It was also one of the 3 prototypes we created back in 2004 and it continues to be one of our most popular designs. This go-around we scaled the graphic up a bit and introduced a plush white applique to create a rather interesting 3 dimensional look. Instead of just teasing...

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Tiki Oasis Preview #3 Many of you may have noticed that we have what might appear to be an unhealthy obsession with skull designs. We actually came to terms with this long ago and now operate on a simple policy of "when in doubt put a skull on it." So when the theme for this year's Tiki Oasis was announced I knew a sugar skull was in order. The Sugar Skull is a traditional part of the Dia de Los Muertos and as part of those ancestral worship celebrations fits right into many of the themes of Tiki celebrations. Our...

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