About Us

We make serious hats for silly people.

Since 2005 Fez-o-rama has been creating high quality, hand-crafted, embroidered velvet fezzes featuring original artwork that celebrates the best of the geek, gaming and exotica cultures.

Each fez design is painstakingly engineered and themed according to the unfathomable whims of the Fezmonger, Jason Rodgers. Seriously, who bases a business on images of drunken monkeys, Great Old Gods, obsolete technology, and gaming dice? And, have you seen their booth? Only an obsessive and deranged personality would make such a thing. On the other hand, this obsessive commitment to detail results in Fez-o-rama fezzes being much more than novelty hats - these fezzes are the chapeaus of Kings. If Kings wore fezzes instead of crowns. Which they don't. But if they did… well.