#101 The Sea Monkey Fez

seamonkeyEach February people far more interesting than I gather in Florida and board a cruise ship to the Caribbean for seven days of food, drink, gaming, comedy and music; all hosted by the phenomenal Jonathan Coulton and his cadre of entertainment cut-throats. Sadly I will not get to join the JoCo Cruise Crazy once again but that doesn't mean I can’t live vicariously through those that do! See, the revelers on this crew have taken to calling themselves Sea Monkeys and since I have a few friends that will be counted among them that have requested a fez to mark the occasion, I decided it was high-time I did something about it.
So I present to you

The Sea Monkey Fez!

This dashing rogue is the terror of the shuffleboard court. He makes the ladies swoon and the stewards tremble - especially when he is fresh out of banana daiquiris. This suave gent appears on our traditional tall fez in Ruby Red velvet and is pictured with our gold tassel. It’s just the thing to wear for a formal dinner at the captain’s table …or say, to a memorial fez and mustache party.  
But that’s not all!

#102 The Monkey Roger Fez

  monkey-rogerWhy stop at one fez? As I was working up the idea for the Sea Monkey Fez, I felt it needed something special for his hat’s emblem. Once I came up with the gorilla skull and crossed cutlasses I knew I was going to have to offer this as a special fez of its own. The Monkey Roger is embroidered on our Low Profile fez made of the same Ruby Red velvet as the Sea Monkey. It’s the perfect headwear for a primate pirate’s simian sailors. These fezzes are currently in pre-production and will be made to order beginning this Thursday. Plenty of time to get one of these toppers stowed in your steamer trunk. By the way our fezzes pack quite nicely.  

Get’em here!

These editions closed 3/9/2013   Learn More about JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 here
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