Spring Fez News

We just got back from Seattle and the Emerald City Comic Con and we are long past due for a newsletter so this one is going to be big. First off let’s recap some of our recent developments:

Our Latest Fezzes!

D12WC The D12 Fez WC Edition

March brought our latest Gamer’s Fez and this one is a Special Limited Edition! Only 20 limited edition fezzes were made and each one comes with a numbered edition pin. Since these are spread out over 7 different sizes they are bound to go quickly. Some sizes are already gone.   SkullBones4-blk

The Skull & Bones on Black

Our classic Skull & Bones returns on black velvet. It was one of the first fez designs I came up with and I just can’t get away from it.    

steamcrow The Steam Crow Fez!

The next fez in our guest artist series is a collaboration with Daniel Davis of Steam Crow and is our first fez to feature this deep brown velvet! This design is limited to 100 fezzes and each will come with a custom numbered edition pin. Pre-orders are available now. Production will begin in the next week or so!

New Fezzesories!


The Tribal Skull Tassel Leash

Our newest addition to our growing line of tassel retention systems. This one features a 3/4” tribal skull hand sculpted by our friend Janelle Badali. These tassel leashes are available in both white and yellow bronze and are available now!   DSC02228.ARW

The DIY Fez Stand

A few weeks ago I posted this DIY project I have been working on so others could make their own versatile fez stand. All of the hardware was found on Amazon.com with a few bits cut from some lightweight plywood bought at Home Depot. My goal was to create something that could be easily repeated by others and be suitable for many situations. I plan to make a bunch of these to use at our booth for our next public appearance.
Speaking of public appearances… Our Upcoming Cons

May 24-27, 2012 Phoenix Comicon

@ the Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix Comicon 2012 Next month we will be loading up the Fez-o-booth and heading back to Arizona! This will be our first time at the Phoenix Comicon and we are really looking forward to it. We will be bringing all of our latest fezzes along with glassware, pins and a few surprises to this exiting event. Watch out for previews in the coming weeks.

June 15-17, 2012

Denver Comic Con

June will find us crossing the Rockies for the first time to bring our brimless antics to the Mile High City! This will be our first time flying to an event and I have to say I am both terrified and excited to find out how well the Fez-o-booth travels.

Coming soon:

  • Fez of the Week #87 introduces our newest fez style
  • More booth build photos coming to the blog as we prepare for our next cons
  • More Fez Friday challenges
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