• Who designs your fezzes?
  • Why Fez-o-rama fezzes?
  • Can I get a fez with my Favorite Band/Sports Team/Soft Drink on it?
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  • Who designs your artwork?

    All of our designs are done “in-house” by the same guy that patterns the fezzes, engineers the embroideries, designs the graphics for this web site, types the run-on sentences, and answers hypothetical questions in the third person. We also occasionally do collaborations with other artists that we meet along the way that inspire us.

    Why should I buy a Fez-o-rama fez?

    We take our fezzes very seriously. These are not some disposable tourist fez. They are designed for style and comfort, and after you have tried one on you will know the difference. Each Fez-o-rama fez goes through 26 quality checks before it gets shipped – 26 – ye gads! How many quality checks does your morning nonfat-venti-latte-with-two-splenda go through? huh?

    We use velvet for our fezzes – NOT FELT – which makes our fezzes better. Period. Deal with it, and no – we won’t use felt… get over it. You’ll want to read about the latest Mark VI Fez – and its many improvements. Inside each of the Fez-o-rama fezzes are quilted linings – not cardboard – meaning you can crush/fold/pack your fez knowing that it will pop back into shape with minimal fuss. (just take care of that tassel!) And, speaking of tassels – each Fez-o-rama fez comes with a tassel cord lock so you can adjust the tassel length to suit your needs or swap it out for another color to suit your mood.

    Our fezzes come in three sizes: ‘Low’, ‘Tall’, and ‘Venti’ – however, only the Low and Tall are available via the website. (The Venti is a custom order and not ready for general consumption) The Low fez is about 4 1/2″ in height and might remind one of a smoking cap; while the Tall is closer to 6″ and is what most people recognize as a tradition fez height.

    As far as the care and feeding of the fez, we recommend hand washing with Woolite or similar (first remove the tassel) and then air drying the fez. Ideally you want to shape it back into its fez shape and prop it up so the bottom edge isn’t being crushed. A large can of beans can do the trick. We’ve had friends run the fez through the delicate cycle on a machine but you definitely want to avoid the dryer. That is where the real damage can happen with the heat and abrasion. The velvet is actually really durable, although you do want to avoid damaging the embroidery.

    Our fezzes can be folded for travel with little fuss. Just give them a little time to breath and they should pop back into shape. If any wrinkles persist, a light steaming will take care of the problem. Simply hold the fez above a kettle and lightly brush the velvet with your hand or a soft bristle brush. Once steamed let the fez rest and make yourself a nice cup of tea.

    Can I get a fez with my favorite band/sports team/soft drink/corporate logo…?

    All custom orders would require a minimum order as well as actual ownership of the artwork. We can not, and will not, reproduce copyrighted artwork without written permission of the Copyright owner. We value the creative endeavors of others and would not, and do not, want to exploit their work. If you are curious about a custom fez, please read our Custom Fezzes page before writing us… many of your questions can be answered there.

    Can I get a blank fez with no embroidery on it?

    Our fezzes are handmade in small batches and the embroidery is done before the fez is assembled. We do not have a stock of blank fezzes just sitting around waiting for decoration. The designs are an important part of our fezzes and frankly, blank fezzes just don’t excite us very much. We would rather focus our limited time on the creative stuff. Perhaps we will offer blank fezzes when we grow into a massive fez making factory, but that may be some time from now.

    Why do you reserve the right to refuse designs?

    The creativity of our products is our biggest motivator. If we find the concept too mundane or personally disagreeable we will likely reject it. We respect others’ creativity and enjoy collaborating on designs, but if the concept doesn’t inspire us – we most likely won’t enjoy the process… and enjoying the process is very important to us.

    Do you ship fezzes around the world?

    YES! Current shipping times (business days) based on recent orders:
    Australia – 5-21 days
    Most of Europe & UK – 5-14 days
    Brazil – 14 – 23 days
    Ireland – 7-10 days
    Austria * 14-25 days *
    Sweden – 7-10 days
    APO – 8-18 days
    South America – 21-30 days
    Middle East – 21-30 days
    Japan – 7-16 days
    Thailand – 8-11 days
    New Zealand – 5-21 days
    Tasmania – 6-11 days

    note: If you are wondering why we are only using the slightly more expensive international shipping methods – well, we’ve been made aware that there are some unsavory types out there that really enjoy our fezzes – just like you do… and they have on occasion, intercepted our delivery llamas. The new transport methods protect us, and you, in case of loss.

    Bigger note: Customs/Duty/Import fees may apply – those we know of include: UK, Austria, Thailand, and Germany. Your Customs House/Post will either send out a note, or hold the fez shipment until you’re contacted.

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