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Alright, you people put me up to this and I can’t resist a monkey wearing a silly hat on a silly hat. I wasn't actually planning to post another Fez of the Week this month, and certainly had no plan to post a second one this week, but after the overwhelming demand I received after an offhanded remark I made on Twitter, I decided that I needed to rise to the challenge. The Monkey Pope is embroidered on our vibrant purple velvet and features what may be the best monkey face I have done so far. Any resemblance to any church officials...

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The double headed flamingo first appeared as the icon of the flamboyant Byzantine Elite Festivities Guard, this dual flamingo or Double Headed Party Chicken was a badge of honor worn by only the liveliest of the lives of the party. Their exploits were legendary but unfortunately, they were also mostly useless until well after noon. Eventually the empire fell and the tales or their soirees were lost to the ages… despite how many times I attempt to edit Wikipedia. In the early 21st Century this same imagery was adopted by the famed non-gender-specific aerialists The Flying Hermaflamingos. Sadly even less...

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It’s the audiophile’s thinking cap! The perfect fez for those evenings spent relaxing at home listening vintage radio programs as you bask in the warm glow emanating from an antique radio while sipping a nice single malt… or streaming online music while you work late, under the sterile glow of florescent lights, while guzzling stale coffee. Look, what I’m saying is whatever your situation, it can only be improved by wearing a fez. This week’s fez is a design that has been picking at the back of my brain for years. The vacuum tube was one of the earliest requests...

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Tiki Oasis Preview #5 Each year at Tiki Oasis we bring a few special limited edition designs. This year will be no different. Here we have the first of our Signed/Numbered Limited Editions: The UV Sugar Skull. This is an inverted version of our new Sugar Skull design with a bit of an experimental surprise. This special edition is limited to only 13 fezzes and features special UV reactive threads that normally appear white but when exposed to UV rays suddenly change colors. Finally we have a fez that is festive during the day and formal at night! These Limited...

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This week we continue our series of early 20th Century fictional nation state fezzes. This also continues my ongoing series of tributes to my comedy idols. The Tomainian Fez is the reason we picked up the camel colored velvet in the first place. It is a fez fit for the Phooey himself! The Tomainian Fez features the traditional double cross on a red velvet background and in this photo features a rather traditional red tassel, all on a low profile camel velvet fez. Like the Freedonian Fez, we will be setting these up as a pre-order for anyone interested. They...

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