#43 The 43 Fez

43 It’s a bit behind schedule but better late than never. Fez number 43 is a special guest selection from a very special guest: Gio Corsi! Tiki Bar TV fans may know him better as Mr Ambassador and he is in fact the inspiration behind the Mr Ambassador fez and the subsequent Soviet Deluxe Fez. What’s the deal with 43? Let’s let the man speak for himself. Behold the amazing power of 43, a number near and dear to the creators and cast of TIKI BAR TV. Long before Doctor Tiki & Johnny Johnny set sail on the SS Tiki, they along with Mr. Ambassador were part of an improv troupe called 43 LBS. OF WASTED SPACE. These experiences were a grand precursor to the current misadventures of Tiki Bar Crew and they have a fondness for the 43. Now you too can bask in the awesomeness of the 43 and be part of numerical history... be part of tiki history or just be that guy with a 43 on his Fez! This fez is spoken for and on its way to Gio’s noble pate. Are you compelled to acquire one for your pate? Order yours here! $50 +shipping Fez of the Week Specials are available for order for one week only. At the end of the week the orders are collected and the fezzes are made. Please anticipate and extra week before delivery.
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