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#68 The UV Sugar Skull Limited Edition

sugar-skull-UVTiki Oasis Preview #5

Each year at Tiki Oasis we bring a few special limited edition designs. This year will be no different. Here we have the first of our Signed/Numbered Limited Editions: The UV Sugar Skull. This is an inverted version of our new Sugar Skull design with a bit of an experimental surprise. This special edition is limited to only 13 fezzes and features special UV reactive threads that normally appear white but when exposed to UV rays suddenly change colors. Finally we have a fez that is festive during the day and formal at night! These Limited Edition fezzes will be available at the Fez-o-rama booth at Tiki Oasis. If any survive the weekend we will be posting them to the website as soon as we recover.


  • Fezmonger

    They are interesting. Some colors react better than others and they are definately a bit more touchy than our normal threads.

  • Licensed2hench

    Nice. I was wondering how you liked working with the UV reactive thread?

  • przxqgl

    if you’ve still got any left, you should let me know, ’cause i want one… 8)

  • heylownine

    That is seriously cool. I get the feeling I may be adding to my collection at this year’s Tiki Oasis.

  • mauricio

    I like it. But I thought I did not have any money. Ouch!

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