#80 The Flamingo Fez

flamingoThe double headed flamingo first appeared as the icon of the flamboyant Byzantine Elite Festivities Guard, this dual flamingo or Double Headed Party Chicken was a badge of honor worn by only the liveliest of the lives of the party. Their exploits were legendary but unfortunately, they were also mostly useless until well after noon. Eventually the empire fell and the tales or their soirees were lost to the ages… despite how many times I attempt to edit Wikipedia. In the early 21st Century this same imagery was adopted by the famed non-gender-specific aerialists The Flying Hermaflamingos. Sadly even less is known about this courageous troop of circus performers, aside from a few grainy photos of questionable origin. If you do a search on Google I’m sure something will turn up… eventually. Our modern take on the double headed party chicken appears extra large on our Mark VI tall black velvet fez rendered in six colors. It is the perfect fez for those that take their Bacchanals seriously and for those that intend to bring more to a party than just a +1. We’ve made a small batch of these special Flamingo Fezzes and they are now available on our site. If you act quickly you just might be able to get them in time for you next fez-worthy festivity.
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