#104 The Monkey Pope Fez

monkey-pope Alright, you people put me up to this and I can’t resist a monkey wearing a silly hat on a silly hat. I wasn't actually planning to post another Fez of the Week this month, and certainly had no plan to post a second one this week, but after the overwhelming demand I received after an offhanded remark I made on Twitter, I decided that I needed to rise to the challenge. The Monkey Pope is embroidered on our vibrant purple velvet and features what may be the best monkey face I have done so far. Any resemblance to any church officials (monkey or otherwise) is purely in your own imagination and I would like to apologize in advance to any Pope, past or present that might be offended. I would also like to apologize to any atheist monkeys out there that might object to this as well, but I am still not entirely sure how you got to my blog in the first place. This is a Fez of the Week and as such, will only be available as a pre-order for one week. After that we will close the edition and go into production. So if this is your cup of tea, place your order now. After that we are moving on to something else.
Available for a limited time!
This edition is now closed.
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