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Fez of the Week, low profile, Mr. Ambassador, purple, Tiki Bar TV, wavy -

It’s a bit behind schedule but better late than never. Fez number 43 is a special guest selection from a very special guest: Gio Corsi! Tiki Bar TV fans may know him better as Mr Ambassador and he is in fact the inspiration behind the Mr Ambassador fez and the subsequent Soviet Deluxe Fez. What’s the deal with 43? Let’s let the man speak for himself. Behold the amazing power of 43, a number near and dear to the creators and cast of TIKI BAR TV. Long before Doctor Tiki & Johnny Johnny set sail on the SS Tiki, they...

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2010, all sizes, available, high profile, Holiday, red, tall, wavy -

He’s returning for another HolidaySeason and if you want to be sure he stops by your home this year you may want to order early! I am of course talking about Krampus. St Nick’s personal muscle. He comes around to dole out corporal punishment to all the bad little boys and girls. We will be making these fezzes to order this month so if you want to get on the top of the wait list place your order early. Don’t forget, there’s even a little surprise on the back to remind the kids what’s up!

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2010, all sizes, black, Fez of the Week, low, low profile, mid-century, modern, mondo lounge, Production, skull, wavy -

The 2nd of two designs I created for Mondo Lounge III at Palms Hotel in Vegas this weekend. Amodern minimalist take on the classic Jolly Roger, the Mondo Skull Fez features a dynamic 3 color design that utilizes thread angles to create the illusion of more shades. By using opposing angles the thread reflects light differently depending on direction of the light.  My goal was to create a classy fez one might find on a member of a nefarious organization as he mixes business and pleasure in some exotic nightclub. This Low Profile fez is done in our classic black...

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2010, all sizes, black, Fez of the Week, modern, mondo lounge, Production, tall, vegas, wavy -

In two weeks we will be headed to the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas to attend Mondo Lounge III a weekend long celebration of Mid-Century Modernism. To mark our return to the Mondo Lounge and Vegas I have designed two new Mid-Century inspired fezzes, the first of which you see here. We often receive requests for a martini design and when Mondo Lounge III was announced I knew it's time had come. The Mondotini Fez features a Modern take on the martini with a bold graphic design and is the perfect thing to wear while savoring a strong cocktail and...

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The Great Old God is getting restless in his watery lair! We are starting up Pre-Sale production so if you want to get your head into one of these disturbing fezzes follow the link. These will be made to order so please anticipate a slightly slower delivery schedule than our usual system. As a special bonus we will be taking orders for off sizes during the Pre-Sale. So if you find you have an unusually sized noggin now is your chance to get a fez in your size! We have 4X and 5X listed on the site. If anyone needs...

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