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When we introduced the Flying Martini Chapeau last month I suspected it might be popular, I just wasn’t prepared for the level of response we got. So after collecting our supplies, and girding our loins, we are ready to bring them back for a full production run, but we didn’t stop there! We’re thrilled to present: The Flying Martini Fez! It’s the same airborne cocktail on a special two-tone black velvet and leopard tipped fez! We scaled the design up a bit for the larger surface but it is the same swanky colors and plush leopard velvet on the top....

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We’re doubling up on the Fez of the Week project to make room for this last-minute Non-denominational Winter Holiday Hat! I had planned to make a snowflake on green velvet to match the one featured in our Santa Fez but I unfortunately miscalculated the amount of green we had on hand. So instead we are featuring this Snowflake on our stylish Navy Blue velvet Chapeau! It’s the perfect topper for the Ice Princess or Snow Queen in your life. Just the thing to defrost a frozen heart! Hit the ski lodge in style with this tribute to solidified water. This...

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In what seems to be an ongoing trend for me, the fez that I had planned to offer this week gets pushed aside for a last-minute creation that was conceived, designed, tested and prototyped all in the same day… while exhausted from a con. That said… We are thrilled to present the Orloj Fez! This brilliant ruby-red, high-profile fez features a design inspired by the famous astronomical clock of Prague. The Orloj dates back to 1410 making it the oldest working astronomical clock in the world and a center piece of the Old Town Square in Prague, a city renowned...

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Our popular tiki design gets a special fabric variant in this Fez of the Week offering! While making the recent Flying Martini Chapeau I stumbled across a small selection of leopard velvet cuts that clearly needed to be turned into fezzes. Time for a special fabric variant! Now we only have a handful of these leopard fez parts so this is going to be one of those special limited editions that people will be talking about for a long time. On top of that, since they are already cut we have a limited number of each size so some sizes...

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This week’s style is the first to feature our new Fez-o-Chapeau! The Flying Martini demi-fez sports a winged martini glass on a special two-toned leopard and black velvet version of our own take on the traditional glengarry worn by kilted military for over a century. It’s the perfect hat for your own personal security force, ultra-lounge flight attendants or independent bar-crawl tour guide. Tip back a few nightcaps while wearing this swanky night-cap. As this is a Fez of the Week, it will be available for pre-order until November 4th, at which time we will start production and begin shipping...

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