#113 The Orloj Fez

In what seems to be an ongoing trend for me, the fez that I had planned to offer this week gets pushed aside for a last-minute creation that was conceived, designed, tested and prototyped all in the same day… while exhausted from a con.

That said… We are thrilled to present the Orloj Fez!

orlojThis brilliant ruby-red, high-profile fez features a design inspired by the famous astronomical clock of Prague. The Orloj dates back to 1410 making it the oldest working astronomical clock in the world and a center piece of the Old Town Square in Prague, a city renowned for its art and architecture. In 2010 the clock celebrated it’s 600th anniversary with an amazing light show on the face of the clock tower. It is no surprise that Prague has become a favorite location for filmmakers as it has been featured in everything from Amadeus to Hellboy. Even Doctor Who once said it was his seventh favorite city in the Milky Way. I had the opportunity to visit Prague in 2006 and while we were only there for a few days, that city has firmly set itself as one of my absolute favorite places on this planet and the Astrological Clock is a great example of why. It has been an inspiration to a great many people, whether they be astrologers, artists, mathematicians or a SciFi show looking to create an alien language. The Orloj Fez is the perfect thing to wear when pondering the cosmos, gallivanting around Eastern Europe, or charting your way through space and time. We are offering this as a Fez of the Week, it will be available for pre-order through December 2nd, at which time we will start production and begin shipping them on a first-ordered, first-made basis.

Order your Orloj Fez by December 2nd!

Now in Production!

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