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The Sea Monkey and the Monkey Roger fezzes. Just in time for our friends attending this year's JoCo Cruise Crazy 4 we're bringing back fezzes #101 and #102 for another round, and this time we're doing them the way I originally had planned, on Navy Blue! The Sea Monkey fez features the same dashing simian as last year, replete with his captain's bi-corn featuring the dreaded Monkey Roger. This is just the fez to don for an evening's skullduggery at the nightly buffet. The Monkey Roger fez features the notorious flag of the Sea Monkey: The monkey skull and crossed cutlasses....

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Are you a turtle? ...I'm asking for a friend. The first Fez of the Week of 2014 is one that we have received quite a few of requests for over the years. Usually in the form of some cryptic message with lots of acronyms. Sure, I was game to make a turtle themed fez, but I needed to find the right sort of mood for it. Lately I have noticed that I have developed an obsession with drawing anthropomorphic portraits featuring smug, aloof or even annoyed creatures. Almost as though they were well aware that I was drawing them. During...

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Last Chance for the Sepia Cthulhu So after Wil Weaton posted a short video on YouTube yesterday featuring his limited edition Sepia Cthulhu fez, a number of people commented that they had missed out on the run we did over the Summer. So I decided to dig through our fabric pile to see if we had any remnants of this discontinued fabric and lo and behold, tucked behind rolls of velvet was a cardboard tube with about 18 inches of maroon velvet around it. It has a little damage on the edges but I think I can make maybe 5...

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A special fez for a special time of year. This December 25th we will be reminded, once again of the love, compassion and sacrifice that outlasts time… and space. Two hearts united to make the universe a better place. To celebrate this passing of the ages, we have created a special Fez of the Week! The Eternal Hearts Fez features a pair of the sacred symbol of love wrapped in an infinity swirl of blue and joined by a solitary crimson crystal and is available on both a Low-Profile Fez as well as our new Chapeau style. To continue the...

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We’re celebrating our favorite day of dark luck with a special version of our glorious fez of randomness! Our obsidian icosagon of fate appears rolled to that number that strikes fear in the superstitious and glee in the hearts of those with a twisted sense of humor. Order your D20 Friday the 13th Edition now and we will have it ready to ship on Monday! Add to the randomness of this fez with one of our Bronze D20 Tassel Pins! It’s the perfect way to taunt your opponents while keeping your tassel firmly secured to the side of your fez....

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