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This week we have a special guest artist involved in our Fez of the Week offering: Ryan Hungerford! We first met Ryan at the Emerald City Comic Con way back in February and it took us awhile to touch bases but luckily his skull design is perfect for this time of year. You can see more of Ryan’s fantastic art at http://www.ryanhungerford.com/ and on his blog at http://www.ryetoons.blogspot.com/ Don’t forget to follow Ryan on twitter http://twitter.com/gnarfdeath   Fez of the Week #110 features Ryan’s skull design rendered in classic black and white fashion on a low profile black velvet fez....

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Wow, we’re only on day 13 and this has already been a crazy busy month for new stuff, and it doesn't look like it will be letting up anytime soon. So let’s jump right in with our biggest announcement made in the last two weeks: Introducing the Fez-o-Chapeau! That’s right, after many years of testing and teasing we are finally ready to make it official. We have added a new style of hat to our line-up. The chapeau resembles a modified glengarry and fits differently than our fezzes so be sure to check your hat size before ordering. Currently there...

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Sure the Golden Age of horror was back in the days of monochrome, but what monster worth his Midnight Movie Marathon hasn't had a full color reboot? OK, we’re still waiting to see if the Creature From the Black Lagoon reboot actually reaches screens next year, but I digress… often. That’s why we’re bringing out the bloody hues for our full color Return of the Zombie Monkey Fez! It’s the same 2013 reboot you saw a few weeks back in glorious monochrome, but this one pulls no punches with this monkey’s intentions clearly displayed on our classic tall fez. We’re...

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10 years in the making and after much fussing and teasing, it is finally time to introduce our new hat style. Way back in the previous century I started making fezzes for my friends. That first Christmas it was 8 fezzes for the guys, many of whom I had known for well over a decade. As I continued to make a fez here and there as birthday gifts throughout the year I started getting asked if I was going to make fezzes for the girlfriends. Since I had already been making fezzes for the guys, I wanted to do something...

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The gothic scourge of flying insects, costumed criminals and Nineteenth Century Middle-Eastern hairdos; the mighty bat is immortalized on our latest fez, just in time for the Halloween Season! October is already shaping up to be a very busy month design-wise. We’ve already released two limited editions for Keen Halloween and since this one made a surprise debut at that same show last week, I just couldn’t  hold off any longer to post it. We only have a small batch of them done but we’ve opened up a back-order option as we work on stocking them up. Order Yours Now...

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