#112 Haku on Leopard

Haku-leopardOur popular tiki design gets a special fabric variant in this Fez of the Week offering! While making the recent Flying Martini Chapeau I stumbled across a small selection of leopard velvet cuts that clearly needed to be turned into fezzes. Time for a special fabric variant! Now we only have a handful of these leopard fez parts so this is going to be one of those special limited editions that people will be talking about for a long time. On top of that, since they are already cut we have a limited number of each size so some sizes are going to go rather quickly. We will do what we can to accommodate everyone interested but there will be some limitations so act fast. Like most Fez of the Weeks, these will be available for pre-order for 7 days and then production will begin so please allow extra time for us to actually make these before shipping.

Pre-order available through November 21st.

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