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A rare one-of-a-kind 2-tone fez! Back in August we released a very limited edition run of tiki themed fezzes on a green pseudo-suede fabric. I only had enough of this suede fabric to make seven of this style… well seven and a half. Tucked away on my shelf was a lone set of side panels waiting for a tip. I don’t know why I decided to embroider the fabric knowing full well that I was going to be short a tip, but I did, and that made way for this one of a kind two tone fez. So if you...

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We’re finally getting back into the groove of things after the turning of the year and what better way to start 2012 and a new year of fezzery than with a critical roll on the Die of Fate! This week’s fez features that notorious icosahedron of chance: the 20 sided die. The crown jewel of many a gamer’s dice bag and the envy of Yahtzee players everywhere. Embroidered in deep red on an even deeper red velvet background with the namesake number in gold. This elegant fez is the perfect topper for those times when you know luck is on...

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I believe the Inspector said best himself when he exclaimed: I wear a fez presently. For fezzes are appropriate when one wants to keep one’s head warm without disrupting one’s ability to look upwards. Ok, sometimes he’s not the most eloquent of public speakers but the Space Master has to spend all of his time protecting the Earth from threats like the Circuit-Chaps and Blogons. I admit I’m a bit late to the party on this in internet time but we were in rural Illinois without data coverage so cut me some slack. I was actually working on a completely...

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It’s the Coconut Monkey’s red headed step-brother! We’re finally getting back to the sort of thing that started this blog, posting the random fezzes we create while developing new designs. This week we have the return of the Shamrock Monkey. The original Shamrock Monkey was a special seasonal design that was only available for a few weeks last year as a special request. Soon after we put him to bed for the year I realized what I need to do for the next go-round… make him a ginger! This Fez of the Week is a color test for the new...

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Just to show you that Joe is not the only one around here that can "design" a fez variant, - by design we of course mean "forget to change all of the treads before running a new embroidery"- I bring you my version of the Ninja Gorilla!It's the perfect topper for those special "night ops" at the old drinking hole. This one is a size: 2X Tall fez in black wavy velvet.Again, act with lightning reflexes... we only got the one (for the time being) SOLD

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