2X, black, Fez of the Week, QR-code, Sold, tall, wavy -

This week's fez features a special bit of tech: a QR Code. Created by Denso-Wave in 1994, the "Quick Response" code is a digital representation of information that can be quickly scanned by a camera phone and deciphered. After seeing a QR Code scarf on the Make:Blog I was curious to see if my embroidery machine would produce a working code in thread. Unfortunately it took me a year to get a phone that could scan the codes and to actually get around to programming the embroidery. The end result? Yes it works! Now the more information in the code...

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2X, black, Fez of the Week, Sold, tall, tiki, wavy -

Finally another so called Fez of the Week! This week we have a design that has been on my shelf for a few weeks. It is a variation of the Skull and Club design we did on our shirts this Summer. This one features a stylized skull with a Polynesian war club. What you might notice is the new addition to the top of the fez. That's right, we've added mesh vents to the top to allow some of those evil thoughts to escape! ...and excess body heat I suppose. This one is a size 2X in Black Wavy velvet......

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2X, Fez of the Week, low, red, Sold, wavy -

This is one of those designs that has no significant meaning or higher purpose, it simply makes me chuckle... and those are actually my favorite designs. This low profile fez in red wavy velvet features a refined embroidery of a wing nut. Actually it is a rendition of a vintage wing nut we found when we moved into our vintage home over the last Summer. It is also a fez featured in an illustration I have been working on for an event poster, so I was simply compelled to get it done.If you have the self confidence to wear a...

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2X, black, Fez of the Week, Sold, tall -

We return to work on the actual purpose of this blog with a special fez going out to Major James D. Crabtree stationed with the MFO in Egypt. The Major MCs the trivia contests and felt this would be the appropriate headgear for the task. It took us a long time to get this one done but I hope it reaches you in good time Major. SOLD

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2X, black, Fez of the Week, primate, Sold, tall -

This is a slightly irregular Gorilla in 2x, actually it is the lining that is damaged not the shell. I accidentally put a rejected lining in when I was sewing some new Gorilla fezzes up today. It had a small rip that I will sew a patch over just so it doesn't get worse. If you can stand owning this mistake and your head is approximately 23.5-24" you can snatch this one up at the discounted price! SOLD

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