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While not technically a Fez of the Week as we actually made 13 of them I would have presented it as one if I had the time prior to Tiki Oasis. This was actually designed, engineered and sewn in the 5 days leading up to the event. Now is your chance to grab one before they are all gone! Only XL and 2X available if you act quickly. $45+s/h

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As a child of the 80's I have always been fascinated by Soviet symbols. They represented what was supposed to be the biggest threat in our lifetime. When the wall came down it was almost as though our bogeyman went the way of the tooth fairy. What was once presented as the Evil Empire and is now a fashion statement and our greatest fears of the 80's look almost naive in today's world. That said, I love the look of the Hammer and Sickle as an emblem, one of my absolute favorite bands is the Red Elvises and I'm still...

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2X, black, bone, Fez of the Week, primate, Sold, tall -

By combining two of our most popular themes we now give you the Monkey Skull Fez! This is clearly what happened when the Drunken Monkey didn't know when to call it a night.But don't let that stop you! Wear this fez in pride as it is a reminder to all around that you only have so much time in life to wear fezzes and fling poo... so get this fez and get to it!SOLD

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2X, Fez of the Week, low, punctuation, red, Sold, swirl -

This week's fez raises a few questions, like...Why did it take so long to post this week's fez?Our second fez in the punctuation series! Again we experimented with dimensional embroidery, this time we have a wavy texture quilted into the question mark.It's the perfect fez to wear to your next lecture, trivia contest... or first date. It's like making eye contact but without the effort. SOLD

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Part of our "Truth in Advertising" line. I'm not even going to bother to explain this one. Needless to say, if you feel you might be the right person to own this fez you have likely already bought it. If you are simply mulling it over than it clearly doesn't belong to you. Really, the only reasonable thing to consider is your head size... and everyone listens to reason!By the way, if you don't get the reference you need to read more books! SOLD

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