#48 Shamrock Monkey prototype

protoshammonk2It’s the Coconut Monkey’s red headed step-brother! We’re finally getting back to the sort of thing that started this blog, posting the random fezzes we create while developing new designs. This week we have the return of the Shamrock Monkey. The original Shamrock Monkey was a special seasonal design that was only available for a few weeks last year as a special request. Soon after we put him to bed for the year I realized what I need to do for the next go-round… make him a ginger! This Fez of the Week is a color test for the new batch just in time to get your Irish on next month. If you happen to have a size 2X napper and you act quickly, you might be able to get your mitts on this rare prototype at the special Fez of the Week  price! Of course if you don’t manage to meet those requirements then be patient. We will have a batch of the production model up for sale soon.
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