#82 The D20 Critical Fez

D20 We’re finally getting back into the groove of things after the turning of the year and what better way to start 2012 and a new year of fezzery than with a critical roll on the Die of Fate! This week’s fez features that notorious icosahedron of chance: the 20 sided die. The crown jewel of many a gamer’s dice bag and the envy of Yahtzee players everywhere. Embroidered in deep red on an even deeper red velvet background with the namesake number in gold. This elegant fez is the perfect topper for those times when you know luck is on your side and you want to be sure everyone else in the room is aware of it too. Wear it to your next tabletop gaming night, IRS audit or sentencing trial …well, not if you are charged with homicide. Wearing a hat with a “critical strike” on it may send the wrong message. In fact, if you are brought up on homicide charges I would prefer you didn’t wear any of our fezzes. We don’t condone that sort of thing. Unless we’re talking about kobolds. I hate those little bastards. Fez of the Week #82 is a 2X tall fez so if this is your size and your sort of thing then hit the link and roll the die. You might be the lucky person to snatch it up. If this isn’t your size and you would still like to get one, let us know. If there is enough interest we might make some more.
Get it here while you can!

UPDATE: #82 sold so quickly that I had to put up a pre-order! Now you too can order the size you want!

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