#36 QR Code Fez

This week's fez features a special bit of tech: a QR Code. Created by Denso-Wave in 1994, the "Quick Response" code is a digital representation of information that can be quickly scanned by a camera phone and deciphered. After seeing a QR Code scarf on the Make:Blog I was curious to see if my embroidery machine would produce a working code in thread. Unfortunately it took me a year to get a phone that could scan the codes and to actually get around to programming the embroidery. The end result? Yes it works!
Now the more information in the code the more complex it becomes. I was concerned about the outcome so I kept the info short and the code size large on this fez. The code is simply the URL to our website and is done in white and black thread on black wavy velvet on a 2X fez. So if you have a 24" noggin and you are interested in being a tech inhanced stealth shill for my website then this fez could be yours! We'll even throw in the Special Edition 13" Über Tassel you see in the picture.
Get your own QR Codes at qrcode.kaywa.com
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