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Why limit the gluttony and sloth to just one day? Live deliciously year-round with this special Black Friday Edition fez! Available Made-to-Order for only 36 hours!EDITION CLOSED Once again we're marking Black Friday with a special Black on Black on Black limited edition design. This year we've turned to the most metal of all the animals in the petting zoo: the black goat! This obsidian Capra Aegagrus is rendered in full blackness, with black thread on our low-profile fez in black velvet, with a black quilted lining and a black chrome tassel grommet. Add the optional Black Chrome Vents and throw in a Black Bronze Skull tassel...

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Part Two of our Con-mageddon 2017 Season Finale! Last week we drove across the country the biggest show we have ever done: Gen Con 50. We've flown back to California for 5 days of frantic fez fabrication before jetting back to the Mid-West to meet back up with all of our stuff and part two of our road adventure. Tuesday the 29th we drive from Chicago to Nashville, then on to Atlanta for four days of Dragon Con mayhem with 83,000 other pop-culture fans. Assuming we survive, we'll then get on the road for the long haul home. Needless to...

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In a desperate attempt to kick-start the Holiday Spirits in the Fez-o-rama studio, we're introducing a second wave of NEW Holiday designs for 2016! Like the previous batch of Holiday releases, these will all be Made-to-Order for a limited time. We're done with our shows for 2016 so we are in the studio and ready to make fezzes for the rest of the year. Get your orders in early to best ensure that they survive the hectic package-shipping season and get to you in time for the big day! Now on to the NEW! The Nick Fez ~ Deluxe This...

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It's that time of year where we celebrate some of the stranger traditions of the Holiday season! The 2016 Holiday collection includes a NEW Krampus design, the debut of Jólakötturinn the Yule Cat and the return of 2015's Yule Goat Fez. All three designs are now available made-to-order through December 12th 2016. The Krampus Fez ~ 4th Edition Way back in 2009 we introduced our very first holiday design the Krampus Fez. Then in 2012 we updated the design with the 2nd Edition, and again in 2014 for the 3rd edition establishing our bi-annual redesign schedule. Each of these editions leaned towards a...

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We're kicking off our month-long celebration with a double-feature of classic horror styling! Available for one week only! We've brought back our classic chiroptera design in this special "Silver Screen' edition. This is the same New World leaf-nosed featured on our original Bat Fez and Bat Chapeau, but instead of the warm copper colors this one is rendered in cold and calculated shades of grey. Place your order by October 9th. The final batch will begin on October 10th. Don't miss your chance to save on our original Bat Fez and Chapeau. 13% Off what we have in stock while supplies last!

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