Black on Black on Black Black Goat

Black on Black on Black Black Goat

Why limit the gluttony and sloth to just one day? Live deliciously year-round with this special Black Friday Edition fez!

Available Made-to-Order for only 36 hours!

Once again we're marking Black Friday with a special Black on Black on Black limited edition design. This year we've turned to the most metal of all the animals in the petting zoo: the black goat!

This obsidian Capra Aegagrus is rendered in full blackness, with black thread on our low-profile fez in black velvet, with a black quilted lining and a black chrome tassel grommet. Add the optional Black Chrome Vents and throw in a Black Bronze Skull tassel pin, and you are ready for an night of covert left-over bingeing.

This fez is only available Made-To-Order for 36 hours so get your orders in quick. We'll start making these on Saturday Nov 25 and the first orders will begin shipping on the 28th.

For tassel colors we recommend Black, Black or well, Black.

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