2016 Holiday Designs ~ Part Duex!

2016 Holiday Designs ~ Part Duex!

In a desperate attempt to kick-start the Holiday Spirits in the Fez-o-rama studio, we're introducing a second wave of NEW Holiday designs for 2016!

Like the previous batch of Holiday releases, these will all be Made-to-Order for a limited time. We're done with our shows for 2016 so we are in the studio and ready to make fezzes for the rest of the year. Get your orders in early to best ensure that they survive the hectic package-shipping season and get to you in time for the big day!

Now on to the NEW!

nick-deluxeThe Nick Fez ~ Deluxe

This week I decided to tackle the idea of what sort of fez would Santa himself wear? I often get requests for a Santa themed fez and have done a few designs over the year but I never felt that Santa would wear a fez with a picture of Santa on it. I mean he's not Batman. He doesn't need to be constantly aware of extending his brand.

The Nick Deluxe Fez is my take on Santa's thinking cap. This is what he dons when he's settling down to check over that long list of kids and do some data management. This special edition fez features a hand-cut two-tone fez in ruby-red and white velvet with an embroidered Rudolf emblem with a lone red rhinestone for his nose and the binary question of the season: Naughty or Nice?

Up your Santa Game with this imposing yet festive fez! Available Made-to-Order through Dec 12th!

nickThe Nick Fez

After making the prototype of the two-toned fez I decided to see what this design would look like on a low-profile emerald-green fez. I love this color of velvet but seldom seem to have a design that calls for it. I was quite happy with the results.

The Nick Fez features the same embroidery of the Deluxe Edition with slight color shift. It has the same reindeer emblem with Rudolf's rhinestone nose and the same ribbon banner declaring "Naughty or Nice". The deep green velvet and low-profile makes for a more subdued fez and is perfect for all of Santa's Little Helpers out there. It pairs nicely with a red or white tassel.

Like the others, this seasonal design is Made-to-Order for a limited time. Place your order by December 12th!

reindeer-chapThe Reindeer Chapeau

We've had so much fun seeing last year's Krampus Chapeau out in the wild that we decided to create this festive alternative for all of the reindeer fans out there. This emerald-green velvet chapeau features a matched set of young reindeer antlers, one on each side of course.

Don your antlers with this dashing demi-fez for a limited time! We'll be making them to order through December 12th so order early to be able to enjoy these during the Holidays.

Speaking of Krampus Chapeaus

We've brought back last year's for one last encore!

We're taking orders for this special design through December 6th. This will be the last chance to get your hands on this particular Holiday design, after this season it will be retired!

Order by December 6th!

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