The Crossed Keys on Tweed

The Crossed Keys on Tweed

Up your dapper-game with our new Tweed fez!

crossed-keysThis is our second Tweed Edition fez and the first one to feature a double-sided design.

The Crossed Keys Fez features our take on this timeless and cryptic symbol used throughout history, a favorite of secret organizations and major religions; and if a pair of skeleton keys aren’t enough, we even put a creepy escutcheon on the back of the fez to finish the motif.

So unlock your mind and cap your noggin with this special fez.

The Tweed Crossed Keys Fez will be another Limited Edition design as the wool tweed requires extra processing steps and we have a finite amount of this particular herringbone fabric. crossed-keys-back

That means when we run out of this fabric we will be closing this tweed edition. So order your Crossed Keys Fez while you can. We'll keep making them as long as we have tweed to do so!

The Tweed Crossed Keys Fez is currently in stock and available to order.

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