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This just in: It’s Cephalopod Awareness Days this week! Who knew? Well sure the fine folks at probably knew. What’s more is today is apparently dedicated to the cephalopods of mythology. Far be it from us to ignore the importance of this auspicious day so in honor of our tentacled creatures of lore, we are putting all of our cephalopod related fezzes on sale! That means you have until the end of tomorrow to get a special discount on any of the Mimic, Cthulhu, Mystic Order of Elder Gods, and even the brand new Ub’thulhu fezzes currently in stock....

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FEZruary?!? Really… We’re going to go with that?    Whatever… I’m moving on…   I SAID I’m Moving On! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The Limited Edition Shag/Tiki Oasis Fez!"][/caption]Yes, you read that correctly. It’s *sigh* FEZruary and to celebrate this atrocity to the English language we’ll be doing special things all month. In fact the first big thing already launched this weekend! The special Limited Edition Tiki Oasis fez has gone into production and if you act quickly you too can take advantage of this rare collaboration between Shag, Tiki Oasis and Fez-o-rama. This run is limited to 50 fezzes and after...

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So January is well upon us and you are wondering what Fez-o-rama is up to. So here is a quick rundown of our month ahead:

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Well it is a new year with a bunch of new goals and challenges. 2010 despite being a rather sucky year in general did have a number of rather exciting things for Fez-o-rama. I reworked the design for our fezzes… twice. We had another great year at Tiki Oasis including receiving the Best Decorated Booth award. On top of all that we had a number of insanely popular designs debut, we’re still struggling to keep Cthulhu and Call Box fezzes in stock. …but enough with the past. Let’s talk 2011! The new year has already begun and we’re already hard...

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Sheesh! Things have been so crazy since we returned from Tiki Oasis I have now resorted to writing posts on my phone. I had hoped to put together a proper Fez of the Week post on Monday but I spent that time working on new designs. So instead of giving you a new fez I'm going to do a quick rundown of what we are up to. The Limited Edition fezzes from Tiki Oasis are going fast. In fact all that is left of the Lono is a single Small. While there won't be more Lonos produced on the mohogany...

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