Mid week update

image Sheesh! Things have been so crazy since we returned from Tiki Oasis I have now resorted to writing posts on my phone. I had hoped to put together a proper Fez of the Week post on Monday but I spent that time working on new designs. So instead of giving you a new fez I'm going to do a quick rundown of what we are up to. The Limited Edition fezzes from Tiki Oasis are going fast. In fact all that is left of the Lono is a single Small. While there won't be more Lonos produced on the mohogany velvet we will be making some on our traditional black wavy velvet. Watch the website for the first batch of those soon. Speaking of batches, the 1st batch of the Police Call Box fezzes as well as the TWiT Fezzes have started to roll out. The next batches should be ready this weekend and as soon as we catch up with the waiting lists we will post those to the site too. If you happen to be down South for DragonCon this weekend keep an eye out. Word is a great Fez Uprising might be taking place and a few of our newest styles might be making an appearance. Finally, it has come to our attention that something must be done about what passes for style in the work place. Our good friends over at Skinny Dog Design Group have taken the initiative and instigated Fez Fridays. Well we will not be remiss in our obligation to support such a worthy policy. I think it is time we spread the word and encourage all of our friends to partake in this endeavor. Watch this space in the coming weeks as we kick-off this off and if you take part in Fez Fridays be sure to document it... there may even be a prize in it for you. Well my thumbs are growing numb. I better put this phone down.
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