It's Fezruary Everyone!

FEZruary?!? Really… We’re going to go with that?    Whatever… I’m moving on…   I SAID I’m Moving On! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The Limited Edition Shag/Tiki Oasis Fez!"]Tiki Oasis Fez[/caption]Yes, you read that correctly. It’s *sigh* FEZruary and to celebrate this atrocity to the English language we’ll be doing special things all month. In fact the first big thing already launched this weekend! The special Limited Edition Tiki Oasis fez has gone into production and if you act quickly you too can take advantage of this rare collaboration between Shag, Tiki Oasis and Fez-o-rama. This run is limited to 50 fezzes and after only a weekend we are already half way there. We will be announcing our next special edition in the coming days so keep watching this space.

Fez Friday

Now that the Holidays are behind us and everyone had a chance to recover, it is time to have another Fez Friday giveaway! In fact to make up for that horrible pun let’s have two. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="216" caption="#fezfriday is in full swing! RT @neromustdie16 in AP Biology class!"][/caption] So dust off that Fez-o-rama fez, grab your camera and prepare to make your presence known at work on Friday. Snap a photo of yourself and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #fezfriday or if you insist you can post it on our Facebook page or to the Flickr Group (be sure to set your sharing options so I can use the photo). Remember, you a new photo each Friday to improve your chances at winning one of these challenges.
Fez Friday Foto Challenge #2
  • Fez Friday Fotos – each Friday in February you can post a new photo --taken that day— to enter in a random drawing for a free, yes free fez of my choosing!
  • Finest Fez Foto – This time we are going to have a separate award for the best fez photo as selected by our horribly unqualified judges. This one is for all the creative people out there and we will be judging the photographs on not only their artistic merit but also how well they feature the fez and the sort of effort put into its execution. The winner of Finest Fez Foto will be removed from the random drawing so that two people are set to win. It seems only fair.
Now the small print:
  1. Photos must feature you wearing one of your Fez-o-rama fezzes. Not your fez on a shelf,  pet or lawn gnome. (those challenges comes later)
  2. Photos must be taken and posted on Friday where ever you happen to be. If you are taking photos with a camera and posting them to Flickr I suggest you check your clock settings… otherwise how the hell am I supposed to know?
  3. Group photos will only count for the one posting the image. (duplicate photos won’t count so take more than one)
  4. While you are welcome to post as many photos you like, you will only be given 1 entry per week in the drawing.
  5. Photos posted to Twitter must have the #FezFriday hashtag (@fezmonger doesn’t hurt either so I can find them) or you can post to our Flickr group * or Facebook page. Just be sure to include something in the description for me to find such as “Fez Friday”.
  6. The winner will be chosen after the last Friday in February.
  7. The winners will receive a free classic Fez-o-rama fez of my choosing –you get to choose the size—all we ask is that you cover the shipping.
  8. For the Finest Fez Foto challenge I recommend you upload a full size image for better results and you will need to allow us the right to use your photo on our website so if your Flickr account is locked down please be prepared to make an exception.

The Fez of the Week Project

Now that I have recovered from the Holidays and the subsequent sicknesses, I do plan to return to my weekly random fez design posts. Remember these tend to be one-off designs, prototypes or creative mishaps and are posted up for sale at a special discount. If you want to get in on one you will need to act quick. Which leads me to one last thing…
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