August Rush!

We're having a sale!

That's right, while we toil away the hours working on stuff for Tiki Oasis you get to save a bit of money!


As some of you may have noticed, I am always looking for way to improve our fezzes. Over the last year I have collected feedback and made many small adjustments to our fezzes. Then a few months ago I completely reworked our patterns and tweaked our sewing techniques to come up with our new style of fez. While I would have liked to do a formal announcement to launch the new fezzes the closest thing we have to a fez season is the upcoming Tiki Oasis. So instead we have had a sort of soft roll-out, first with a few private orders then a couple Fez of the Weeks and finally with the Sons of the Desert fezzes we brought to the conference in Sacramento. These new fezzes bring with them a number of adjustments that make for a more refined fit so we recommend that all returning customers check their head measurements again before ordering. You may find that your old fez may not fit the same as a new one. While we work on these new fezzes we are clearing out the last of our 2009 fezzes and if you act quickly you can save a few bucks on a classic Fez-o-rama fez. Many of these past designs will be retired while others won't likely be back for a long time as we focus on new and exciting stuff to go with our new fez patterns. Shop Now!
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