This Month in Fezzery

So January is well upon us and you are wondering what Fez-o-rama is up to.
So here is a quick rundown of our month ahead:
  • First up you may have noticed that there have been a few changes around here. We have been doing a lot of web work this week. The shop has been updated and that required all sorts of background work. We are still looking for a few solutions that have so far eluded us but everything should be working as expected.
  • We also re-themed the blog and will continue to polish that as the weeks drag on.
  • This weekend we will be in Seattle to visit family and our traditional Fez-up with Howlin' Hobbit and Sal, so if you are in the Emerald City let us know.
  • Clockworks and Cthulhus have been restocked and a batch of Call Boxes are on the way. I'm not sure what we're going to restock next so if you have a request, let us know.
  • Next week is the NAMM conference that is a highlight of my January so expect lots of random photos and posts to my Twitter feed as I get out of the studio and hang out with music type people. There are already talks of having a Fez-up in Anaheim on that Friday for this event:
  • Week 3 brings the ISS show in Long Beach where Joe and I will be checking out the latest in embroidery tech. I hope to come away with new design software.
  • That all means that Week 4 will involve me learning how to use that new software.
So on the surface there might mot be a lot of new stuff to see on the website but that means there will be all sorts of new developments in February to look forward to.
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