Happy 2011

Well it is a new year with a bunch of new goals and challenges. 2010 despite being a rather sucky year in general did have a number of rather exciting things for Fez-o-rama. I reworked the design for our fezzes… twice. We had another great year at Tiki Oasis including receiving the Best Decorated Booth award. On top of all that we had a number of insanely popular designs debut, we’re still struggling to keep Cthulhu and Call Box fezzes in stock. …but enough with the past. Let’s talk 2011! The new year has already begun and we’re already hard at work. – ok I admit I spent the first two days of the year playing Red Dead Redemption and watching westerns. First up is restocking some of our latest designs. A batch of Cthulhu fezzes are already up, with Clockworks nearly ready and Call Boxes on the way. If there is a design you would like to see make a return let us know. If we get enough interest in a particular one we will bump it to top of the list. On the website side of things, we will be working on some updates to both our shop and blog. We’ve got a new camera and will soon have more photos and maybe even some videos in the future. We’re still trying to improve the shopping experience on the website but since we are doing all of this with opensource code it may take a bit. Finally I do hope to do a complete overhaul on this blog so you can expect some strange things happening here for the foreseeable future. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually know what the hell I’m doing.
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