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10 years in the making and after much fussing and teasing, it is finally time to introduce our new hat style. Way back in the previous century I started making fezzes for my friends. That first Christmas it was 8 fezzes for the guys, many of whom I had known for well over a decade. As I continued to make a fez here and there as birthday gifts throughout the year I started getting asked if I was going to make fezzes for the girlfriends. Since I had already been making fezzes for the guys, I wanted to do something...

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After a long delay I am finally getting back to old Fez of the Week project. This week’s fez is a preview of our next collaborative fez project and features the artwork of our friend and incredibly talented illustrator, Daniel Davis. Daniel and his lovely wife Dawna, are the talent behind Steam Crow and have published books, designed a prolific series of art prints and created all sorts of cool things for their shop. We are thrilled to be a small part of their creative endeavors. What you see here is the prototype for a Limited Edition fez we will...

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Yes that's right, it is once again that time of year... the month where we cram two words together just because they share a few letters. So yeah, it's Fezbruary and that means it's time to give away a fez! It's the return of Fez Fridays! If you don't know what Fez Friday is then here is the deal. Each Friday of the month we invite everyone to post a photo of themselves wearing a Fez-o-rama fez to Twitter with the hashtag #fezfriday. At the end of the month we will draw one random winner from the eligible entries and...

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Tiki Oasis Preview #9 This is our last preview before we load everything into the cars and head out for the weekend. Our final preview is another test run of the new Chapeau style. This time it is a twist on the Sakura design we did as a Fez of the Week a few months back. We will only have 9 of these special caps in various sizes available this weekend. If you are joining us at Tiki Oasis be sure to swing by the Fez-o-booth Saturday, and if you are in the San Diego stop by on Sunday. Vending will...

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Tiki Oasis Preview #8 Wait Chapeau? Yes, you read that correctly. We’re entering a whole new category of hat here. This cap is based on a hat I did way back in 1997 as part of my design thesis collection. While it was just an accessory it became one of my favorite details. Some of you may recognize it as the style of hat I used for the Cult of the Eye’s WOE Chapeau –hence the use of the sloppy French. After getting a number of requests to make some of these for public consumption I decided it was time...

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