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This week’s fez is one of my spur of the moment designs. I brought my sketchbook to lunch on Monday and while waiting for my food I began sketching mermaid ideas. Turns out mermaids have been on my mind lately. I have been working on a velvet painting of my take on a mermaid for the Tiki Oasis art show in August. I should also point out that Tiki Oasis will have my favorite real live mermaid Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid in attendance. I actually have her show banner from last year painted by Thor hanging in our studio....

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This week’s fez is a gift for a friend, the owner and operator of Wicked Grounds, San Francisco's first and only Kink Café and Boutique. Our friend, and fellow Fez Head, Ryan opened Wicked Grounds back in 2009 with his lovely wife Rose. Not only is this a wonderful café with exquisite coffee and teas along with great counter service, it also has a very open minded policy towards the local adult crowd. I make a point of visiting Wicked grounds whenever I’m in San Francisco for amazing deserts and top quality green tea. Recently Ryan was forced to announce...

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Hail Hail the Fez of the Week! To mark April Fool’s Day (and yes, my birthday) I felt it was only appropriate to make this week’s fez a tribute to some of my greatest comedy idols, one of my favorite films and well, the guy that first inspired me to don the fez. We are proud to present the Freedonian Fez! The headwear of choice for those living in the Land of the Spree and the Home of the Knave! This High Profile Mark VI fez features the regal seal of Freedonia embroidered in glorious color with a matching gold...

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In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming... wearing this spiffy fez! This is one of those designs I had been contemplating doing for a long time. They say that even glimpsing his visage is enough to drive a man insane, what would spending hours designing an embroidery do to me? Then I remembered that I'm the guy that thought hand-making "Fine Embroidered Velvet Fezzes" was a reasonable business venture and I realized that no one would notice much difference. Cthulhu was created by beloved horror writer H. P. Lovecraft in 1926. By the 1940's Lovecraft's mythos had grown a...

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