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#72 Sakura Chapeau

Tiki Oasis Preview #9 sakura-chapThis is our last preview before we load everything into the cars and head out for the weekend. Our final preview is another test run of the new Chapeau style. This time it is a twist on the Sakura design we did as a Fez of the Week a few months back. We will only have 9 of these special caps in various sizes available this weekend. If you are joining us at Tiki Oasis be sure to swing by the Fez-o-booth Saturday, and if you are in the San Diego stop by on Sunday. Vending will be open to the public!


  • fezmonger

    Let me know when you are in town and we’ll set you up!

  • Elaine A Schoepf

    ohohohohoh!  must have the sakura chapeau!  are there any left  oh please? oh please?  in a big head size?  xoxoxox

  • Chris Huning

    That is truly gorgeous! Glad to see some chapeaus getting into the wild.

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