#71 The Kanaloa Chapeau

Tiki Oasis Preview #8

Wait Chapeau? Yes, you read that correctly. We’re entering a whole new category of hat here. kanaloa This cap is based on a hat I did way back in 1997 as part of my design thesis collection. While it was just an accessory it became one of my favorite details. Some of you may recognize it as the style of hat I used for the Cult of the Eye’s WOE Chapeau –hence the use of the sloppy French. After getting a number of requests to make some of these for public consumption I decided it was time to start experimenting with designs. So I am thrilled to present out first model the Kanaloa Chapeau. This new originally embroidery features a detail of the Kanaloa velvet painting I have been working on for the Burros Black Velvets and Other Delights. This design was an interesting challenge since I had a new shape to work with as well as a rather detailed concept. After many revisions the Kanaloa Chapeau was created. Loosely based on the classic Glengarry, this style reverses the line with a much more aggressive slant. Constructed in a similar way to our Mark VI fez, the Kanaloa Chapeau features a quilted lining and comes in a simpler size range than our fezzes. Since these are in an experimental stage we have only made 9 for this weekend and I’m not sure I will continue to tweak the patterns until they are just right.  If any are left after this weekend we might put them up on the website so check back next week.
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