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The Sea Monkey and the Monkey Roger fezzes. Just in time for our friends attending this year's JoCo Cruise Crazy 4 we're bringing back fezzes #101 and #102 for another round, and this time we're doing them the way I originally had planned, on Navy Blue! The Sea Monkey fez features the same dashing simian as last year, replete with his captain's bi-corn featuring the dreaded Monkey Roger. This is just the fez to don for an evening's skullduggery at the nightly buffet. The Monkey Roger fez features the notorious flag of the Sea Monkey: The monkey skull and crossed cutlasses....

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First off, thank you all for an amazing 2013! We’re recovering from the madness of the holidays and we are now settling in for what will be an epic 2014. I can’t begin to express the excitement for what we have in store this year. Our biggest news of the year is: We’re working on a new version of the Fez-o-rama online Store! Sure we've been talking about this for way too long, but this time we’re actually getting somewhere. Over the next few weeks we will be testing a new installation of a new shopping cart system that will...

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Wow, we’re only on day 13 and this has already been a crazy busy month for new stuff, and it doesn't look like it will be letting up anytime soon. So let’s jump right in with our biggest announcement made in the last two weeks: Introducing the Fez-o-Chapeau! That’s right, after many years of testing and teasing we are finally ready to make it official. We have added a new style of hat to our line-up. The chapeau resembles a modified glengarry and fits differently than our fezzes so be sure to check your hat size before ordering. Currently there...

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Sure the Golden Age of horror was back in the days of monochrome, but what monster worth his Midnight Movie Marathon hasn't had a full color reboot? OK, we’re still waiting to see if the Creature From the Black Lagoon reboot actually reaches screens next year, but I digress… often. That’s why we’re bringing out the bloody hues for our full color Return of the Zombie Monkey Fez! It’s the same 2013 reboot you saw a few weeks back in glorious monochrome, but this one pulls no punches with this monkey’s intentions clearly displayed on our classic tall fez. We’re...

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Two Great Shows, One Crazy Weekend The last weekend of September finds us double booked as we were faced with two unique shows in two different states that we just couldn’t say no to. So we’re splitting our forces and doing them both! H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Sept 27-29 In Southern California, the Red Squadron will be returning for another assault on the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro for the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival, September 27-29. They will be vending in the 2nd floor lobby on Friday and Saturday. On display will be all of our Lovecraftian...

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