Return of the Night of the Zombie Monkey

Why won’t these damn monkeys stay dead?!?

zomonkey-night2 Like any decent horror movie, we’ve rebooted our Zombie Monkey design and it starts with a special Limited Edition! That’s right, with the Halloween Season fast approaching, you will see a new version of our full-color brain-eating primate but if you act quickly you can get one of the special classically de-saturated versions we are making for Keen Halloween. This grey on grey on gray fez features our new Zombie Monkey creation rendered in all of the glorious colors of the classic monster movies… such as none. Now just like the Keen Halloween Fez, we will be bringing a small selection of fezzes to the show, but if you want to get your hands on one (or guarantee that your size will be available in person) then you need to take advantage of our limited time pre-order.

Pre-order Available Now!

Order by the end of the day Monday September 23rd to take advantage of the Event Shipping option. We will keep the pre-order running until the 30th and on our return we will produce and ship the remaining orders. After that this special edition shambles back into the unknown… because that’s how zombies move. They shamble. They don’t run… and they sure as hell DON’T SWARM LIKE ANTS ON CRACK!!! zomonkey-night2_1 By the way, did we mention that this one glows?
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