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This week’s fez sees the return of a much requested design. Fez of the Week #39 the Mondotini was first created as a very Limited Edition run on black velvet way back in 2010 for the Mondo Lounge 3 weekend in Vegas.  I had originally wanted to do this on the maroon velvet you see here but sadly our supply had run dry so we produced the fez in black velvet. After the original quickly sold out we received a number of requests to revisit this style but then… it was no longer my decision to make! Fezmonger for a...

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While we may have been in Denver for the Denver Comic Con our Fez Friday Challenge continued on Twitter in our absence. We are still recovering from the massive weekend -which may explain the delay in posting this- but things are getting back to normal finally. Don’t forget tomorrow is you next opportunity and after that there will be one final week left to get your entries in for this month’s drawing for the privilege of being Fezmonger for a day. Update: Thanks to Twitter crashing today I missed a few of the photos so they get their own collage!...

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It is a new month so that means a new Fez Friday Foto Challenge! This month we are playing for the privilege of pulling the strings on the great fez making puppet. That’s right, you a entering a drawing to be Fezmonger For A Day! The winning entry will get to create their own variation on a current or past design and make it the Fez of the Week. Now there are some exceptions. Not all of our back catalog can be recreated and we don’t have an unlimited selection of fabrics around here but I will do my best...

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Time to draw some winners! Ok this is how it is going to work, I’ve loaded all of the eligible entries into a grid and hit randomize a number of times. I have yet to look at the end results and will now draw a random number. Once a primary winner is selected I will collect the 2nd chance entries and draw a winner from that pool. If by chance one of the 2nd chance entries was already selected they will be excused from the 2nd drawing. Only 1 prize per entrant. Ok here we go, the total count of...

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The current Fez Friday Challenge is picking up steam! Here are the photos for the 4th of May. We got a number of great shots and it is becoming clear that choosing a weekly favorite is going to start getting very difficult. A number of you went with some great theme shots with reading (something I support wholeheartedly!) but my favorite is one that actually references the date. This week’s 2nd chance drawing entry goes to H4llows_Eve for her May the 4th Be With You themed shot: I suspect the caption had a big influence on my decision plus she...

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