#91 The Mondotini 2 Fez

mondotini2 This week’s fez sees the return of a much requested design. Fez of the Week #39 the Mondotini was first created as a very Limited Edition run on black velvet way back in 2010 for the Mondo Lounge 3 weekend in Vegas.  I had originally wanted to do this on the maroon velvet you see here but sadly our supply had run dry so we produced the fez in black velvet. After the original quickly sold out we received a number of requests to revisit this style but then… it was no longer my decision to make!

Fezmonger for a Day: Charlie Moore

Every Friday on Twitter we hold Fez Friday where fez heads post photos of themselves working or playing in their fezzes and few times a year we hold drawings for random prizes. Well last month’s Fez Friday prize was the chance to play Fezmonger for a Day and decide what fez I offer up as Fez of the Week. June’s random winner was Charlie Moore. Charlie has been an avid participant in Fez Fridays for a long time but this was his first win and a well deserved one at that. He shouldered the burden of fez mongering like a pro and I think he sums it up best in his own words:
Maybe I should begin this with a little disclosure: I'm writing this while listening to Frank Sinatra and drinking a Martini.  It is not my first. I am so excited that I finally won #FezFriday.  I bought my first Fez from the Fezmonger two years ago at TikiOasis in San Diego.  When I first saw that Fez-O-Rama on the site, I had to click through, and was immediately enamored.  I loved how his "modern" Fez embraced the Poly-Pop, Neo-Lounge cultures.  I knew then, that I needed a Fez to show my allegiance to the Tiki lifestyle.  Disclosure: I'm now listening to Martin Denny, while drinking rum from TikiFarm's Martiki glass. To me, the Fez represents an escape from reality.  Whether it is Doctor Who establishing different timeframes, a shriner showing that he's a little more relaxed than his other Mason brothers, or merely just a traveler showing that he's been somewhere exotic, a Fez gives the wearer a chance to stand apart, and relax.  And to me, it makes a fine drinking hat.  Disclosure:  I'm back to Sinatra and Martini's. So without further ado, I am unveiling my Fez.  It's an update of the Mondo-Tini Fez.  It's on a fabric similar to my first TikiOasis Fez.  I hope you like it.  And I hope to see you at TikiOasis this year.  And if both those are true, then maybe you could get me a Mai Tai. Thanks.
Originally I had intended to only offer the winner’s fez choice for a week as a pre-order but considering Charlie’s taste in fezzes I decided to put this one right into production. The first 25 are already being assembled and I have enough of this special velvet to make some more but these will be a limited run simply due to the limited amount of fabric. So if this is your taste in fez be sure to order yours now or hope you can win a random drawing after years of wanting. Congratulations Charlie! Your fez will be heading out to you very soon!
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