Fez Friday Challenge Week 1

This past Friday started our latest Fez Friday challenge that will culminate on Memorial Day Weekend at which point we will draw winners. This round’s prize is a custom fez stand to rest your topper on when it isn’t riding your pate. Here are the entries for Week 1 Fez Friday To make this challenge a little more interesting we will be choosing our favorite photo for each week and when all is said and done the selected photos will be entered into a second chance drawing. So improve your chances of winning and get creative with your photos! There is still plenty of time to enter! Simply take a photo on one of the Fridays and post it to your Twitter feed with the hashtag #FezFriday. You can include “Fez-o-rama” or mention @fezmonger to make sure I see it but it is not required. Photos must be taken and posted on the same Friday and only counts as an entry for the person that posted it. That is why you see the groovy tandem shots of @Kimmjah and @charliemoore. Now to the important part. Our favorite shot of this week is from @tarkeybear. tark We especially liked his use of color and depth, and the dual vices contrast nicely with the pocket full of pens. This is a man ready to multitask in style! Tark is our first entry in the second chance drawing.
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