Fez Friday Foto Challenge Results!

Time to draw some winners!

Ok this is how it is going to work, I’ve loaded all of the eligible entries into a grid and hit randomize a number of times. I have yet to look at the end results and will now draw a random number. Once a primary winner is selected I will collect the 2nd chance entries and draw a winner from that pool. If by chance one of the 2nd chance entries was already selected they will be excused from the 2nd drawing. Only 1 prize per entrant. Ok here we go, the total count of entries is a nice round 50… let’s go to random.org… and our number is 29. Let’s look at our collage:
Counting across the rows from the top our primary winner is: kimmjah @Kimmjah! Now let’s look at our 2nd Chance entries made up of our favorite photos from each of the 5 weeks.
After hitting randomize a few times and drawing a random number from 1-5 our winner at number 4 is: Tark and his elegant composition oozing with atmosphere. tark Congratulations to both of this month’s winners! I will be creating a special custom fez stand for each of you… as soon as I find some free time. If you didn’t win this time around don’t give up! Participating each week is your best way to raise your odds.

Speaking of odds, our next Fez Friday Challenge:

June is upon us and for the next 5 weeks we will be collecting Fez Friday entries for a chance drawing for what could be a really fun prize! The winner of June’s Fez Friday drawing will get to help design a Fez of the Week fez! That’s right, the winner will get to call the shots on a new fez! The usual limitations will apply (no copyright infringements, needs to be on fabric I can actually get, ) but if it can be done we will make it happen! Your design will also be availible for others to order for at least a week. You might even be able to bring a retired design back from the dead for a week. So get those photos posted to twitter and don’t forget the Hashtag #FezFriday. One entry per person and it must be taken and posted on that Friday. Don’t delay Week one is today!
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