Fez Friday Challenge Week 2

The current Fez Friday Challenge is picking up steam! Here are the photos for the 4th of May. ff 5-6-12 We got a number of great shots and it is becoming clear that choosing a weekly favorite is going to start getting very difficult. A number of you went with some great theme shots with reading (something I support wholeheartedly!) but my favorite is one that actually references the date. This week’s 2nd chance drawing entry goes to H4llows_Eve for her May the 4th Be With You themed shot:
I suspect the caption had a big influence on my decision plus she gets bonus points for enlisting an extra. Did you miss out on this week’s fun? Don’t Panic. We have three more weeks in this challenge before we randomly draw the winner and get creative and you may win the week and a slot in the 2nd chance drawing. This month we are giving away a custom fez stand!
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