#106 The D20 on Red

d20-redRoll the die on this critically striking fez!

The mighty icosahedron of chance returns in this inverted version of last year's model. Now a much more ominous D20 resides on a filed of blood red velvet. Vanquish your foes with authority while you wear this imposing fez. Back for another roll in 2013 on a Ruby Red fez that means business... if your business happens to involve rolling little plastic polyhedrons around. If your business actually does involve that, then we are rather jealous. Go ahead and rub it in with this new fez. However, if your current occupation doesn't involve D20s well, you know what they say. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have! This is just the fez to wear on your next dungeon crawl, speed dating session or statistics class.

Get yours now!

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