#107 The Sepia Cthulhu Fez

A special color variant of our classic Cthulhu Fez!

Cthulhu_Sepia Long time followers may recognize this fabric from the Fez of the Week #2, it has long been discontinued but I was lucky enough to stumble across some on one of my many fabric safaris. Sadly, we are getting to the end of our stash on this but not before I got to make this classy take on ol’ tentacle face. A sepia toned Cthulhu stares ominously out from this rare leather embossed, maroon velvet, low-profile fez! Now, unlike our numbered limited editions, we’re going to keep hand cutting these until this particular velvet runs out. I’m estimating that we will be able to do around 50 or so of them. Considering the shows we have lined up this month, that may not last very long. We did debut a small batch of these at Emerald City Comic Con and brought them to Wondercon last month, so a good number of them have already been claimed. We will be making more over the weekend so if you size is sold out be sure to check back. We will update the count as long as we can.

Grab yours here!

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