The Flying Martini Chapeau …and Fez!

fly-martini-slider When we introduced the Flying Martini Chapeau last month I suspected it might be popular, I just wasn’t prepared for the level of response we got. So after collecting our supplies, and girding our loins, we are ready to bring them back for a full production run, but we didn’t stop there!

fly-martiniWe’re thrilled to present: The Flying Martini Fez!

It’s the same airborne cocktail on a special two-tone black velvet and leopard tipped fez! We scaled the design up a bit for the larger surface but it is the same swanky colors and plush leopard velvet on the top. This is the perfect hat for the lounge-bound airline pilot, high-flying mixologist or just about anyone that prefers a cocktail itinerary to a bar crawl. We have a full range of these fezzes in stock but I do have to warn you, we have a limited amount of this leopard velvet left so this design won’t be around forever.
Don’t miss out, order yours now!
…and if you missed it as a Fez of the Week:

#111 The Flying Martini Chapeau Returns!

martini_chap The very same demi-fez style featured as Fez of the Week #111 is back for a production run! The swanky Flying Martini Chapeau is back in stock for all of your ultra-lounge adventures, but just like the fez above, we have a finite amount of this plush leopard velvet so we don’t know just how long we will be able to keep these around. You can order the Flying Martini Chapeau or any of our other Chapeau styles here! Don’t forget to check out our selection of Tassel Pins and Leashes for taming that tassel. We have the prototypes for our next pin and it is a doozy. Look for that to become available very soon. While we have your attention:

It’s Last Call on our Holiday designs!

The Krampus and Santa fezzes time is coming to a close. We will be retiring these particular designs after this week so get your orders in. We need to make room for all the new stuff we have been working on. Don’t worry, we’re planning on creating all new versions for 2014, so look for those next Fall.
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